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Putting Your Used K-Cups® to Good Re-Use
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Putting Your Used K-Cups® to Good Re-Use

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Keurig coffee makers have revolutionized the art of making coffee and other beverages. They are convenient, easy to use, create no mess, and make whatever you want in your cup or glass quickly and at the touch of a button. The only drawback to K-Cups® is the leftover byproduct – used K-Cups®.

If you care about the environment and want to work on reducing your impact on the planet and its various ecosystems, but still want the ease and convenience of Keurig brewing, finding a way to reuse your K-Cups may have struck you as being a wonderful idea. Well, you’re not alone! Many artists, craftspeople, and others have been dreaming up ways for you to put your K-Cups to good re-use. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the more popular ideas when it comes to recycling K-Cup pods for arts and crafts projects.

Gardening With Recycled K-Cup Pods?

K-Cups® are the perfect size for seed starts when it comes times for planting in the winter or spring. You don’t need a greenhouse or have to go buy expensive seedlings to get a head start on your garden next year. You just need a window with good light, as many used K-Cups® as you want for your vegetable or other annual starts, and packets of seeds.

Used K-Cup® pods also make terrific little planters – complete with the little hole in the bottom – for a gardening or houseplant activity for kids. All you need is potting soil, as many spoons as you have kids, plant starts or seeds, and a tray to catch any excess water as it drains out.

Art and Crafts Projects With Re-Used K-Cup Pods

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of ways you can reuse your used K-Cup® pods for arts and crafts activities. For starters, they make nice little paint pots, once you close the hole in the bottom with glue or tape. They also can be filled with dried beans or rice and recovered to make little shakers. For the holidays, they can be dressed up with craft paper and a glue gun to make seasonal decorations.

Used pods are also extremely useful in the kitchen. You can use them to freeze portioned quantities of chopped fresh herbs or garlic – really, any ingredient that you want to prep ahead when in season to save money – even herbed butters.

Once frozen, dip your K-Cup® pod molds into hot water to pop your portioned quantities out, and keep them in the freezer in bags or other containers. They also make excellent molds for ice pops, juice pops, and frozen yogurt treats you can make yourself.

K-Cup Pods for Organizing, Sorting, and Playtime

K-Cup® pods also make terrific little organizers for everything from coins to office supplies and buttons to beads. Anything small can easily be sorted and made ready to use by employing your used pods. Because of this, used K-Cup® pods can be repurposed to serve as educational tools to teach young children sorting and matching activities.

Speaking of young children, used pods can make wonderful little building blocks, which can then be employed to make towers, bridges, or whatever they imagine. And because they nest, your used K-Cup pods are easily stacked and stored when not in use.

Finding Ways to Reuse K-Cups® Only Takes a Bit of Imagination

Keurig K-Cup® machines have made brewing excellent tasting, fresh, hot and cold coffee and tea beverages at home and the office a convenient and mess-free snap. Finding a use for your used pods so they stay out of the landfill and have a prolonged life only takes a little bit of imagination. Once you start, we at Coffee For Less are absolutely sure that you’ll find scores of new ways to put them into business.

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