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Refreshingly Cool: Discover Organa Mint Green Tea

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For many, the art of tea drinking has become a daily ritual. Each step in the process brings you closer to enjoying a steaming hot cup of tea. From heating the water to selecting your favorite mug, tea time is your time. Exploring new blends of tea is part of the ritualistic process. Organa Mint Green Tea Pods offer a delectable new experience. Filling your cup with an enjoyable blend of organic green tea, the refreshing taste of mint creates an overall revitalizing brew. Organa Mint Green Tea

Experience a Cool Flavor Burst with Organa Mint Green Tea

Organa Mint Green Tea travels to your cup from China’s Zhejiang province. Known for its high-quality green teas, this eastern coastal area is the main green tea growing area in China. It produces some of the most popular green teas including, Longjing. This green tea is mostly produced by hand and known for its high quality and delicate flavor. Organa Mint Green Tea Pods from CoffeeForLess infuse your senses by combining that delicate green tea flavors with American spearmint and peppermint. Part palate cleanser and part refresher, this soothing cup of mint green tea is simple yet flavorful. With its highly aromatic minty blend, it satisfies with notes of smooth herbal ones and minty finishes for an overall delightful blend. Perfect for an afternoon cup of tea, Organa Mint Green Tea can be sweetened with a touch of sugar and is enjoyable warm or served over ice for a refreshingly cool blend.

Boost your Health with Mint Green Tea

Drinking mint green tea offers quite a number of health benefits, including the anti-cancer antioxidant, catechin. High numbers of catechins are naturally found in green tea. Likewise, green tea helps increase the number of regulatory T cells in the body, which can strengthen your immune system. Green tea also is associated with boosting functioning abilities in old age, losing weight, shrinking tumors and lowering your risk of heart disease. It’s definitely a step forward for your health to enjoy a daily cup of green tea. Organa fine teas offer fresh, organic teas that are harvested in small batches from renowned tea estates from around the globe. No chemical fertilizers, growth stimulants, pesticides or antibiotics are used in growing the tea leaves, making the tea 100% organic and certified by the US Department of Agriculture and the Organic Crop Improvement Association. Served to you in tea pod form, Organa Teas pods are compatible with the single-serve pod brewing systems. Each pod contains no calories, fat or allergens. Likewise, they are gluten free and Kosher certified.

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