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Share Your Obsession With Others at These Coffee Events
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Share Your Obsession With Others at These Coffee Events

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Once you’ve been bitten by the coffee bug, it can be hard to think about anything else besides that perfect cup. Lucky for you, this year is chock-full of coffee events that will allow you to geek out about the amazing cortado, or a perfectly balanced shot of espresso with aficionados just like you.

From competitions to festivals and all the tasting events in between, there’s an event out there for every type of coffee lover. Get in on the action and taste some of the best coffee in the world at one of these renowned coffee events.

Barista Guild of America

Access: A Barista Guild of America Event

September 19-20 in Austin, Texas

Barista Guild of America Austin

For coffee drinkers and makers in the Southwest United States, Access is an event for baristas to network and learn new techniques from each other and from experts. Featuring talks by expert baristas and plenty of panel presentations, the event also allows time for a solid amount of well-deserved coffee breaks.

The Golden Bean

September 19-22 in Portland, Oregon

The Golden Bean Portland

The Golden Bean is an annual festival that has been running for over twelve years in Australia, and now for three years in the States. The festival sets out to reward the best roasters in the biz in addition to leading seminars and talks about roasting. Coffee beans are judged on a blind taste-testing basis, and the winner receives a literal golden coffee bean.


October 27-28 in Chicago, Illinois

CoffeeCon Chicago

CoffeeCon is the world’s first consumer-focused coffee festival. The festival occurs in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Seattle—but if you’re looking for a fall coffee festival, then Chicago is the city for you. Explore the tasting floor, sampling the best coffee in the midwest in addition to trying out your hand at brewing gear while honing in on your coffee tasting skills.

Allegra World Coffee Portal CEO Forum

November 8-9 in Los Angeles

Allegra World Coffee Portal LA

For the coffee experts of the world, the Allegra World Coffee Portal CEO Forum is the premier coffee event of the year. The conference style event features knowledgeable speakers, coffeeshop business insight, and tours of some of the most successful coffee shops in Los Angeles.

Kona Coffee Cultural Festival

November 9-18 in Kona, Hawaii

Kona Coffee Cultural Festival

If you’re looking for an excuse to fly to Hawaii for a mid-autumn vacation, Kona Coffee Cultural Festival is the coffee event for you. Hawaii’s oldest food and drink festival, the ten-day event celebrates the coffee harvest. The event features a lantern parade, living history tours, art galleries, and lots and lots of delicious coffee.

Coffee and Tea Festival Valley Forge

December 1-2 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Coffee and Tea Festival Valley Forge

During the first weekend of December, greater Philadelphia comes together for the Coffee and Tea Festival that offers tastings, teaching events, and plenty of snacks that pair well with coffee. The event generally features seminars that detail the process of coffee from the roaster to the cup.

National Coffee Association 108th Annual Convention

March 7-9 in Atlanta, Georgia

National Coffee Association 108th Annual Convention

The NCA Annual Convention markets itself toward coffee professionals who are seeking to situate themselves at the cutting edge of the coffee industry. Expect fascinating keynote speakers, informative breakout sessions, and plenty of events where you get to try some of the best coffee in the country.

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