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The Definitive List of Tastiest K-Cup Pods for Black Coffee Lovers
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The Definitive List of Tastiest K-Cup Pods for Black Coffee Lovers

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At this point in the K-Cup Coffee game, there are countless brands and styles of K-Cup Pods out there. It can be hard to know which ones are the tastiest, which ones need a little room for milk, and which ones are just plain watery.

With the help of some of our favorite blogs, we’ve curated a list of some of the best K-Cup Pods to drink black.

Donut Shop

One brand that seems to be consistently on everyone’s list of go-to black coffee K-Cups is Donut Shop. Some black coffee aficionados prefer The Original blend, while others prefer decaf, depending on what time of day you take your coffee. Thrillist called Donut Shop brand K-Cup Coffee nutty and delicious with a smooth body.

Donut Shop K-Cup Pods

Green Mountain Coffee

The consensus on Green Mountain Coffee K-Cup Pods wasn’t by any means definitive. Some loved the Hazelnut blend, others preferred Breakfast Blend, and others still opted for the Kenyan. The folks at the blog, Faveable chose Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve Extra Bold as their all-time favorite K-Cup Coffee. With a rich flavor and bold finish, we can’t dispute it.

Sumatran Reserve K-Cup Pods

Barista Prima Coffeehouse Blend

Barista Prima is another crowd-pleasing K-Cup Coffee for all of the black coffee drinkers out there. The writers at Serious Eats rank the Barista Prima Coffeehouse blend as the all-time best K-Cup Coffee. A medium-dark roast with rich yet mellow body, this is the perfect blend for folks who are just dabbling in the black coffee game.

Barriehouse Coffeehouse K-Cup Pods

Caribou Daybreak Morning Blend

For those who prefer a lighter, more subtle flavor, check out the Caribou Daybreak Morning blend. Mild with a tasty punch, this blend is perfect for Keurig owners who don’t like bitter coffee but are still interested in taking their coffee black. Coffee Review calls this K-Cup Coffee blend subtle and sweet-toned with a chocolatey, walnutty finish. Yum!

Caribou Coffee Daybreak K-Cup Pods

Cinnamon Bun Classic Cinnamon Roll

If you love sweet coffee but are still trying to cut back on coffee additives like milk and sweeteners, the Cinnamon Bun Classic K-Cup Pods are the perfect brew for you. High quality Arabica coffee blends perfectly with the flavor of a soft and fluffy cinnamon bun to make this drink the perfect morning pick-me-up. Not convinced? Just check out the rave reviews from Coffee For Less customers and see for yourself.

Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll K-Cup Pods

Barrie House: House Blend Extra Bold

At the top of the list for the writers at Insider sits Barrie House’s Extra Bold House Blend. This complex brew is flavorful enough on its own that it doesn’t need extra flavor from milk or sweeteners. The rich aroma will prepare your palate for a delicious brew before you even take a sip, and it just gets better from there.

Barrie House Coffee

Once You Switch to Black K-Cup Coffee, You’ll Never Want to Go Back

Leave the sweeteners, heavy milks, and other additives out of your morning routine, because these delicious K-Cup Coffee flavors make it easy to drink your coffee black. Whether you’ve been drinking black coffee for years or are just starting to get into the habit, these K-Cup Coffees will wow you with their rich flavor, complex notes and smooth finish.

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