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Single Serve Coffee Brewer: What to Know When You Buy

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Single Serve Coffee Brewer by BunnSingle serve coffee brewers are all the rage, and while we have covered some of the differences between the various brands of single serve coffee brewers and their refills, we have not really discussed the more traditional coffee maker features on these single serve coffee brewers and how  they match up to one another.

Today, we discuss the features that traditional make a coffee maker a quality machine and which single serve coffee brewers match up to traditional standards. Certainly, coffee selection available in the refills for your single serve brewer should be a very important factor, but these other features of single serve coffee brewers on the market may just help you decide which one is right for you.


The Features Found on Single Serve Coffee Brewers

Single serve coffee brewers typically operate just as any other pour over brewer, that is to say any brewer in which you insert a filter and coffee grounds and the machine pours water over those grounds, with the exception of using their proprietary refill, be it a K-Cup, T-Disc, or coffee pod.

Single Serve Coffee Brewer by SenseoWhat sets them apart is their ability to provide nearly instant hot water that is then used to produce a single cup of coffee on demand. Sure, regular coffee makers produce hot water relatively quickly with their internal heating elements, but single serve coffee makers are generally designed with “instant” hot water in mind.

Aside from their easy clean up and maintenance, single serve coffee brewers are just like any other coffee maker. They feature plumbed or refill reservoirs constructed of rust-proof stainless steel and convenient drip trays for easy clean up.

The question of which coffee machine is right for you, the traditional coffee pot brewer or the single serve coffee brewer, comes down to your coffee making experience. Do you want variety and near instant coffee or do you prefer to keep a pot on hand? Whichever is your style, we’ve got the coffee brewer for you at CoffeeForLess.

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