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Wolfgang Puck Toscana Single Serve Coffee Pods

Coffee pods have really taken off. They are ubiquitous in hotel and lodging services, and they are rapidly easing the effort of food service staff in their coffee service. Single serving coffee pods are now becoming a choice of preference for home coffee service as well.

Home coffee and office coffee are rapidly becoming a primary consumption market for single serving coffee pods. The only problem today’s household coffee pod consumer is encountering is that the market has proliferated with options.  Today, we recommend a few options to get you started in the joy of single serving coffee pods.


Light, Medium and Dark Roast Single Serving Coffee Pods

Light roast coffee drinkers absolutely must give Wolfgang Puck’s Toscana Pods. This elegant Italian style café coffee hearkens to the Tuscan countryside and small town cafes. It is light yet flavorful with a pleasant aftertaste. It brews a bright, light, and mildly aromatic cup of coffee every time. This is definitely the single serving coffee pod for light coffee drinkers everywhere, but if it is not to your taste, take a look at all of the light coffee pods offered at CoffeeForLess.

Lacas Passion Cafe Dark Secret Single Serving Coffee PodsMedium roast coffee pods are nearly universally appealing to coffee drinkers in our experience, but of the ones we offer, we recommend trying Melitta One:One Love at First Sip Coffee Pods. It has that smooth, almost universally palatable medium roast flavor that makes medium roast drinkers love that particular roast. It carries a mellow deliciousness that is sure to impress. Check out other medium roast single serving coffee pods offered at CoffeeForLess and let us know your favorites.

Any readers of this blog know that dark roast coffees have a special place in my array of loved coffee flavors. I’ve explored a good number of dark roast single serving coffee pods, and one recent discovery is something I simply must share. Lacas Coffee Passion Cafe Dark Secret Coffee Pods contain a dark and delicious brew that I simply cannot get enough of when I brew it. It is strong and roasty with an aroma that entices.

CoffeeForLess makes it simple to sort coffee pods by roast. Sort by roast and always get your preferred roast when ordering single serving coffee pods.

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