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Start Your Day With Some Piping Hot Coffee Knowledge
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Start Your Day With Some Piping Hot Coffee Knowledge

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As any seasoned web surfer will tell you, infographics provide a visual aid that makes it simple to learn new facts in an easily digestible way. When it comes to coffee, many of us are curious to know every weird little thing about our favorite perky drink, and infographics are a great way to satisfy that curiosity. For the curious coffee lovers among us, we’ve collected some of the funniest, most interesting, and sometimes a little bit gross facts about coffee in the form of entertaining infographics, sourced from across the Internet.

1. What’s That Plate For?

Ever wondered what’s the story behind that little saucer you rest your coffee mug on? You might be surprised by what it was originally intended to be used for. Best to read this informative saucer-related infographic, and find out for yourself now!

2. Random Facts About Coffee

From the world’s most expensive coffee to the details on a lethal dose of coffee for adults, this fun infographic has literally everything you’ve ever wanted to know about your favorite drink – including some things you may never have thought of. For example, did you know that America consumes enough coffee to fill 14.2 Statues of Liberty daily? That’s an awful lot of java!

3. What Your Favorite Coffee Drink Says About Your Personality

What do you think your favorite drink says about you? This infographic is based on a study that pairs coffee orders with personality types. For example, latte drinkers tend to be neurotic and indecisive – sound familiar? Find out what your coffee drink of choice says about you! 

4. Coffee Flavor Wheel

This neat infographic classifies the many unique flavors and smells that coffee can have. You would certainly expect flavor notes like bitter and caramel to be present, but you’ll be surprised to find unexpected flavors like cedar and cucumber on the wheel as well. 

5. 17 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Morning Coffee

Read this handy infographic to boost your coffee trivia knowledge even further with 17 facts that are sure to impress your friends. For instance, did you know that coffee addiction was considered a social problem in the 1700s? My, how the times have changed! 

6. Savings in a Cup of Coffee

Everybody likes to save money, especially when those every-day coffee purchases start to add up. Opting for a reusable cup is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment, and several coffee chains will even give you a money saving discount for doing so. This infographic has the facts on reusable cup discounts per chain, and how making the change can help lessen coffee consumption’s potentially negative impact on the environment. 

7. Coffee and the Bathroom

The gross but true reality is that sometimes, coffee makes us have to GO. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, you’re probably not one of the 29% of people who are affected by coffee in this manner. This TMI infographic has all the details about coffee and your bathroom you maybe never wanted to know. 

8. Beer and Coffee

If you’ve ever been stuck in a creative rut and felt unsure whether you should reach for coffee or beer for a dose of creative inspiration, this informative infographic will help you decide by breaking down the facts on how beer and coffee can affect your creative thinking.

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