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Sustainably Going Back to the Grind in Style: The Coffee Tumbler
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Sustainably Going Back to the Grind in Style: The Coffee Tumbler

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If you’re like most people, then you probably won’t be able to merely sit and relax while drinking all of your coffee at home or in the break room. You’ll probably need to take it with you.

But with the pacific gyre patch growing and climate change in the headlines on an almost daily basis, you will probably want to take that coffee to go in something a little more sustainable than a disposable paper (or even worse – Styrofoam) cup with a non-recyclable plastic lid. Instead, you’ll want a more sustainable and stylish solution to bringing your coffee along for the walk or ride. With that in mind, here then are eight top choices for reusable coffee tumblers that are both sustainable and stylish.

1 - JOCO 16oz Reusable Coffee Cup

The JOCO reusable coffee cup holds up to a pint of your favorite hot or cold beverage (coffee!) in style, keeping it warm or cold as the occasion and conditions demand. It’s made of glass, so it won’t absorb intense flavors, allowing you to switch up what you drink out of it without wondering why you’re tasting hints of something you shouldn’t be tasting in your coffee.

It’s also beautiful and comes in borosilicate glass that is both durable, as well as dishwasher and microwave safe. Plus, it has a silicone band and lid to help you keep your grip and save your lips on those particularly rough mornings.

2 - Klean Kanteen Insulated Tumbler

Looking for something a little more durable than a glass cup with a silicone lid? Try the Klean Kanteen insulated tumbler. It comes in steel, so it’s practically indestructible and easy to clean. Plus it has a splash-proof lid, an optional straw, and it’s free of toxins like BPA.

3 - SoL Reusable Coffee Cup

Another option for fans of glass, the SoL reusable coffee cup is hand-blown for a touch of extra sophistication and old-world charm. This tumbler further sports both a silicone lid and a silicone wrapper to help keep you and your coffee safe.

4 - Hydro Flask Leak Proof Stainless Steel BPA-Free Thermos

An option for fans of stainless steel who are looking for more of a hot beverage storage solution than a straight-up reusable cup, the Hydro Flask Leak Proof Stainless Steel BPA-Free Thermos keeps your hot liquids hot (and your cold liquids cold) in great style. It comes in a variety of colors and looks nothing like your Grandpa’s Stanley thermos.

5 - YETI Rambler Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

For a terrific combination of the stainless steel thermos and the stainless steel tumbler, check out YETI’s Rambler. It’s a sleek and stylish tumbler that combines insulated protection with a cup you’ll want to bring to your lips as long as it keeps your beverage at the perfect temp. Plus it fits in most car cup-holders!

6 - KeepCup Reusable Coffee Cup

Another Australian product (like the JOCO cups mentioned above), KeepCup reusable coffee cups are a smaller version of the standard reusable coffee cup. They have rapidly become a favorite of barristas because their wide mouths make practicing the art of the latte a joy!

7 - Frank Green Reusable Coffee Cup

Looking for something a little more design-forward in a coffee cup? This award-winning reusable coffee cup from Frank Green is so sleek, so modern, and so minimal, that you might just be mistaken for a designer while drinking from it yourself.

8 - Mirr Travel Tumbler With Flip Lid

Lastly, another beautifully designed reusable coffee cup, the Mirr Travel Tumbler, is vacuum-insulated and the only entry on this list with a flip lid.

Drinking Coffee From the Greatest Tumbler Around

No matter what reusable coffee tumbler you choose, you can rest assured that you’re doing something good for the planet by ending your dependence on unrecyclable, plastic-lined, plastic-covered, garbage cups. And you can do it while keeping your coffee either hot or cold in style!

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