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Tassimo Coffee Machines: T-Disc Elegance

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Tassimo Coffee Machines at CoffeeForLessTassimo coffee machines present an elegant option when choosing a single-cup coffee maker. These technological marvels make the perfect cup of coffee on demand without messy measuring, changing of filters, or brewing a whole pot of coffee when you only want a single serving. Tassimo coffee machines can even steep a variety of other beverages, including  both tea and hot cocoa from T-Discs.

T-Discs, the refills for Tassimo coffee machines, are cutting edge coffee technology. Each one contains the exact formula and programming to make a single cup of excellent coffee. They are reasonably priced and filled with only the finest ingredients.


Is a Tassimo Coffee Machine is Right for Me?

CoffeeForLess carries two different Tassimo coffee machines and a variety of T-Disc refills for those Tassimo coffee machines: The Suprema and the T-65. The primary difference between the two is a appearance. Both Tassimo coffee machines offer T-Disc brewing convenience and a quality refillable reservoir that is perfect for multiple brewing.

Feature for feature, the Suprema (available in both black and red models) and the T-65 are very similar but both feature top of the line functionality and quiet brewing technology. Enjoy a variety of beverage options and easy clean up with either coffee brewer.

Tassimo coffee machines ensure that every beverage or cup of coffee that you brew is made to very high standards. Enjoy coffee, lattes, cappuccino, and more with Tassimo coffee machines at CoffeeForLess.

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