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Tassimo Tea Discs: T-Discs That Make Tea

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Tassimo Tea T-Discs from TwiningsTassimo T-Discs make brewing coffee a breeze thanks to their digitally calibrated barcode and your Tassimo T-Disc brewer’s ability to read that barcode to program its brew time, temperature, and water volume perfectly.  These elegant machines can also make tea from tea T-Discs thanks to this advanced hot beverage brewing technology.

Brewing tea is an art in many cultures, meaning that the brewing process is so refined and so perfected that this simple act of concocting a beverage has been elevated to the level of art. Tea is considered the lifeblood of many cultures for this reason. So if one is going to trust one’s tea brewing to a machine, that machine had better be rather good at the task. Tassimo produces one of the best suited machines for the task and a line of Twinings teas available in tea T-Discs.

Tea Variety from T-Discs

Twinings Chai Latte Tea T-DiscsTea T-Discs are individually bar coded with the perfect steeping conditions for the kind of tea that they contain. This means that no matter what kind of tea you prefer, Tassimo Tea T-Discs brew it as it is meant to be brewed.

Many people prefer black tea when they drink their tea. This is what has made Earl Grey tea one of the world’s favorite teas. Its flavorful bergamot notes and rich black tea flavor provides a full and delicious cup of tea.  Tassimo Tea T-Discs are great for Earl Grey Tea. Its full flavor and wonderful aroma make this single cup tea option outstanding.

Green Tea has been gaining popularity as more and more science reveals its healthful benefits. Rich in antioxidants and complex in flavor, green tea brewed from Green Tea T-Discs is a stunning beverage to be able to enjoy on demand.

For a change from your usual coffee latte, try this Twinings T-Disc Chai Latte. This tea T-Disc takes the idea of on-demand tea to a whole new level. By putting honey and cream into the Tea T-Disc itself, Twinings makes it possible to brew an honest to goodness chai latte at the push of a button.

Try these Twinings Tea T-Discs to enjoy its health benefits today.

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