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The Best Single Cup Tea Brewer: Tassimo Vs. Keurig

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Tassimo Tea T-Discs BrewersWhen it comes to single serving tea brewing, the community is divided between those who love the ease and convenience provided by T-Discs and K-Cups and those that feel some finesse is lost when tea is put in individual serving pods and brewed through a single cup coffee maker. For today’s post, we are not going to debate the merits of analog tea steeping versus digital single serving tea brewing and instead focus on which single cup system is best suited to meet your tea drinking desires.

Tassimo and Keurig both produce a variety of individual serving hot beverage makers that do a reasonably good job of brewing tea, but we will focus on those aspects of each system  type that offer efficient tea brewing potential.

Tassimo Tea Discs Versus Keurig Tea K-Cups

Both Tassimo and Keurig use proprietary refills to brew a single serving of a given hot beverage, and this is true when it comes to tea as well. However, what truly sets them apart is the variety of tea options that each system presents.

Tassimo has licensing rights to Twining’s Teas T-Discs, and this provides Tassimo T-Disc brewer owners a good variety of classic teas to choose from, but the majority of the offerings are such classic tea types as English Breakfast and Earl Grey, leaving the herbal tea enthusiast a bit disappointed in the options offered for Tassimo systems.

Keurig Tea K-Cup Brewing SystemsKeurig systems excel at offering variety, and this is very true of their tea offerings. With a Keurig K-Cup system, you can enjoy such K-Cup teas as Timothy’s traditional tea K-Cups and Celestial Seasonings tea K-Cups and herbal tea K-Cups. These two major players in the North American tea marketplace offer a solid array of tea options that brew very well in Keurig systems.

Further, a variety of reusable K-Cup filters make it possible to brew quality loose leaf tea from Keurig systems.  This option is great for the tea enthusiast who yearns for push button brewing convenience but refuses to brew anything but the quality loose leaf green tea or black tea that they have spent years seeking. If you know your favorite tea and thought that using a Keurig meant sacrificing quality for convenience, these reusable K-Cup filters change the whole game.

Unfortunately for Tassimo T-Disc system owners, the tea options are not as plentiful, and so Keurig seems to take the match when it comes to single cup tea brewing. Let us know your experiences with single serving tea brewing.

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