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The Perfect Single Person Single Cup Coffee Maker

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Keurig Mini Plus Single Cup Coffee MakerRecently, my sister-in-law approached me looking for a good Keurig coffee maker for her classroom. No, she was not looking to caffeinate her students; she was looking to enjoy a quality cup of K-Cup coffee at work without having to leave her classroom and duties to go to the teachers’ break room. She and her husband enjoy their Keurig single cup coffee maker at home, and she thought that the machines were so clean and efficient that she could have one, perhaps, at her desk. Without even blinking, I recommended the Keurig Mini Plus K-Cup coffee maker to her. It is the ideal K-Cup coffee machine for the type of setting she described to me. It is small, making it perfect for the limited real estate of a work desk, and it is clean and efficient, perfect for the level of coffee consumption a single person may engage in, unlike the bigger Keurig coffee makers that are more ideal for high volume coffee brewing settings like at home or in the break room.

 The Keurig Mini Plus K-Cup Coffee Maker

Keurig Mini Plus Single Cup Coffee Maker PlatinumThe Keurig Mini Plus is perfect for her applications because it is ideal for a single user. The reservoir for this coffee maker does not hold a lot of water because it is intended for lower volume brewing. Think of the college student who needs to brew a single cup on the way to class or the cubicle worker who wants a fresh cup of coffee without interrupting their work. The reservoir holds the right amount of water for up to a 10 ounce brew size. This means  a bottle of water will fill the reservoir and make a perfect cup of coffee. Beyond that, the Keurig Mini Plus is an ideal single cup coffee maker for busy folks like teachers. It has an auto-off function that turns the machine off when it has been idle for 90 seconds. This means there is never a concern about heating elements or power consumption. The Keurig Mini Plus also features no external heating elements, making it both safer in general and definitely safer for environments where perhaps children are present. Without a doubt, it was the right single cup Keurig machine for her application, and if you could use a K-Cup coffee maker ideal for single brewing applications, say at your desk or even at home, then the Keurig Mini Plus is a great choice for you.

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