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Top 10 K-Cup Coffee Brands of 2011 Part 1

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Hello and welcome to 2012, my fellow coffee fanatics. I hope that you welcomed 2012 in with a quality cup of coffee, one that reflects your hopes of a prosperous, rich, and above all else delicious 2012. The New Year is as full of looking forward expectantly as it is prone to looking back on the year that has passed, and so we thought we would start 2012 with a little look back at some of our favorite coffee roasters to move into the K-Cup market.

What follows is our take on each K-Cup coffee roaster and our reason for ranking them where we have relative to their competitors. Sure, we might not all agree on who is better than whom (we certainly didn’t!), taste being subjective and all of that, but in ranking the following K-Cup coffee companies, we sought to take into mind what they offer our K-Cup coffee drinking community as a whole.

Without further ado…


The Top 10 K-Cup Coffee Brands

Diedrich K-Cup Coffee10 - Diedrich Coffee K-Cups: Coming at number 10, Diedrich Coffee starts off our list in what one might consider an unfortunate position. The truth of the matter is that Diedrich Coffee is excellent. They seem to specialize in darker roasted coffees, but we had to rank them at the bottom of our list for the lack of variety in K-Cup offerings.

Emeril's K-Cup Coffee9 - Emeril’s Coffee K-Cups: Emeril’s Coffee is good, not quite as BAM as we’d hoped, but it’s good coffee. Like Diedrich Coffee, the unfortunately limited number of offerings under this brand forces us to put it at the back of the pack. Good flavor, just not a lot to choose from.

Wolfgang Puck K-Cup Coffee8 - Wolfgang Puck Coffee K-Cups: The battle for best chef branded coffee was won by one Wolfgang Puck. These coffees are great. There is a good variety of flavors and roasts, along with a clear emphasis on quality.

Tully's K-Cup Coffee7 - Tully’s Coffee K-Cups: Tully’s Coffee produces some of the best dark roast coffees available in K-Cups. They are rich and live up to their roast designations consistently. Dark roast coffee drinkers might rank this one higher than we did.

Gloria Jean's K-Cup Coffee6 - Gloria Jean’s Coffee K-Cups: Gloria Jean’s Coffees was just barely edged out of the top five. This was much debated. GJ offers some of the best flavored coffee available in K-Cups. Their Mudslide and Butter Toffee K-Cups have even been rumored to have a cult following.

Five down and five to go, that is the beginning of our list. Check out our next post for the Top 5 K-Cup coffee brands. Until then, brew a K-Cup coffee and let us know your thoughts on these K-Cup coffee brands.


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