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Top 10 K-Cup Coffee Brands of 2011 Part 2

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Earlier this week we discussed the top 10 K-Cup brands and left you all on the cliffhanger of what K-Cup brands are our top five.  Well, now we’ve moved on to our final five, the top K-Cup coffee brands that we love and adore, but there is a surprise twist.

You will just have to read the exciting conclusion of the Top K-Cup Coffee Brands of 2011 to find out just what it is about our number one K-Cup coffee brand that makes it so special.


The Final Five Best K-Cup Coffee Brands

Caribou Coffee K-Cups Brand5 - Caribou Coffee K-Cups: Do you like blended coffees? Is your idea of the perfect cup of coffee a delightful blend of dark and light roast or a mix of Sumatran and Colombian coffees, each combination a carefully balanced work of art? If you said yes, Caribou Coffee K-Cups are for you. Their blended coffees are great.

Timothy's Brand Coffee K-Cups4 - Timothy’s World Coffee K-Cups: For a down-to-earth, classic European style coffee in a K-Cup, turn to Timothy’s World Coffee (Also, they make the Kahlua K-Cups we recently reviewed). Their Rainforest Espresso K-Cups are a favorite around here.

Coffee People Brand Coffee K-Cups3 - Coffee People K-Cups:  Everything from Classic Donut Shop style coffee to Jet Fuel extra strong modern energy coffee, Coffee People K-Cups have it to offer. This earned them the number three spot on our list. The sheer style, flavor, and variety offered by this roaster are all worth experiencing.

Green Mountain Coffee Brand Coffee K-Cups2 - Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups: Putting Green Mountain Coffee in at our number two K-Cup coffee brand hurt us a little bit. This coffee roaster puts the awe in awesome when it comes to K-Cups thanks to a stunning variety and a wealth of gourmet options. If you like it, they probably offer it for your K-Cup coffee maker.

Mixed Brand Single K-Cups at CoffeeForLess1 - All of Them: Thanks to CoffeeForLess’s Single K-Cup purchasing option for those customers logged into their CoffeeForLess account, we can all enjoy a mix and variety of all of the K-Cup coffee brands available at CoffeeForLess. This lets us all explore more K-Cup coffee brands out there with greater ease and less cost!

Let us know your thoughts on these K-Cup coffee brands as well as your experience of our Single K-Cup purchasing option.

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