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Our 5 Favorite K-Cup Flavors This Summer
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Our 5 Favorite K-Cup Flavors This Summer

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For summer, we present you with our five favorite K-Cup® flavors, so that with each tasty sip, you may be magically whisked away somewhere special to enjoy the summer in all its glory!

1 - Island Coconut

If an island destination vacation, complete with white sand beaches, palm trees, and turquoise waters, just isn’t in the cards for you this summer (or it’s so many weeks off that the wait is driving you a bit mad), then why not let Green Mountain Coffee’s Fair Trade Island Coconut flavored coffee transport you to the island of your imagination’s choice, one sip at a time?

This wonderfully flavored coffee has all the charm of a destination vacation with none of the expense. And because it comes in a twenty-four count box of K-Cup® pods, it’s a lot less hassle than actually going anywhere beyond your kitchen or office.

2 - Toasted Marshmallow Mocha

If the heat of summer has you pining for a destination that’s just a little bit cooler, say something in the mountains featuring a tent, a bubbling brook, and maybe a campfire, we’ve got you covered as well. Green Mountain Coffee’s Toasted Marshmallow Mocha packs all of the joy of a S’more-packed mountain adventure into a single cup.

Thanks to the ease and convenience of Keurig K-Cup brewing, you can go back for S’more over and over again, without the mess. Plus, no smoke will get in your eyes – we promise!

3 - Celestial Seasonings Perfect Iced Tea Southern Sweet Black Tea

Maybe you’re not looking to get away from it all this summer so much as you’re looking for the perfect complement to summer, available by the glass. Celestial Seasonings’ Perfect Iced Tea Southern Sweet Black Tea brings the full cooling potential of a front porch swing under a ceiling fan on a quiet summer evening directly to your frosty glass.

You may not be lucky enough to have lightning bugs around in the summer where you live, but you can get lightning in your jar on K-Cup® at a time with this product.

4 - Snapple Lemon Iced Tea K-cups 22ct

If you’re looking for a perfect iced tea that doesn’t pack that southern charm by the teaspoonful, try Snapple’s Lemon Iced Tea K-Cup® Pods, available in a twenty-two count box. This one represents all the glory of a cold glass of iced tea without the sugar, but with a touch of lemon instead.

5 - Snapple Peach Tea Iced K-Cups

If you’re looking to go the other way and double-down on the southern charm, then you’ll have to consider stuffing an entire Georgia peach into your glass of sweet (sugar optional) tea. Snapple’s Peach Tea Iced K-Cups® take the hassle out of brewing iced tea and add in loads of peach flavor for your sipping enjoyment.

Get Away From It All in Your Kitchen or Breakroom

Sipping the perfect hot or cold beverage, depending on your mood and the desired effect, can pull you out of the dog days of summer and transport you to whatever special place you desire. Or it can at least help to take a bit of the edge off the heat. Enjoy any one (or all) of our favorite K-Cup beverages this season!

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