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Top Flavored Coffee Beans of 2013

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Another year has come and gone, and - no matter what - I always enjoyed a cup of coffee. So, I’ll let old acquaintance be forgot and take a moment to laud our favorite flavored coffee beans of 2013. Without further adieu, we present the best flavors of 2013 and wonder if any could top the list in 2014. Happy New Year!

New York Coffee Irish Coffee

These flavored coffee beans made me think of my ancestors who immigrated from the Emerald Isle. They never failed to give my taste buds the Irish Coffee flavor they craved. The creamy body and mouth-feel were just another reason New York Coffee Irish Coffee is included on this list. irish-cream-coffee-flavored-coffee

New York Coffee Jamaican Rum

Whenever I needed to escape to a tropical place, I brewed a cup of Jamaican Rum (a plane wasn’t usually an option). Each sip brought sweet rum flavor to my lips that was always “Jamaican me crazy.” I think of it as an island paradise in a cup.

New York Coffee Hot Fudge

Sometimes, all I needed to cap off a particularly great day was a cup of Hot Fudge. Having the soft spot I do for sundaes, there is no better thing to drink. Every gulp of hot fudge heaven brought warmth to my belly and a smile to my face.

New York Coffee Gingerbread

Run, run as fast as you can! You might not catch the Gingerbread Man, but Gingerbread flavored coffee beans don’t run very fast. They have a spiced, gingerbread flavor that can make any day feel like the holidays. This is a great brew for days that you feel blue.

Barrie House French Vanilla Cream

There was no single association I had with this coffee flavor other than pure and utter deliciousness. Any time I brewed a cup of French Vanilla Cream, the sweet aroma filled the house. I always keep a bag on hand for any social occasion.

Barrie House 100% Colombian Decaf

For those days when I needed a smaller boost to start my day, I turned to my bag of Colombian Decaf. What it lacks in caffeine, it makes up for in rich, caramel flavor. Every cup brewed from these flavored coffee beans was guaranteed to have premium quality flavor and smoothness.

Aloha Island Hazelnut Paradise

Mentally escaping to a tropical island was a very common pastime for me this year! Aloha Island Hazelnut Paradise has the ideal blend of coffee and hazelnut flavors to put me in total relaxation. Any night that featured Hazelnut Paradise felt like a luau to me.

Who Will Be The Best of 2014?

These sevens varieties of flavored coffee beans reined supreme in 2013, but 2014 is a whole new ball game. I have decided to broaden my horizons and have actively been searching for new flavors to try. Who knows? Maybe one of them will make it onto this list next year.

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