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Use the Coffee Emoji to Express Your Java Joy
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Use the Coffee Emoji to Express Your Java Joy

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Coffee Emoji Expresses Java Joy by CoffeeForLess If you spend any time online or exchange text messages with anyone under the age of 25, then you already know all about emoji. But just in case you’ve missed the bandwagon, emoji are little pictures that signify a wide array of facial expressions, common objects, animals, places and emotions. According to Wikipedia, emoji were created by Shigetaka Kurita, who took inspiration from the symbols used in weather forecasts and from Japanese manga cartoons that used a standardized set of animated symbols to express emotions.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Emoji may have originated in Japan, but when Apple decided to include them on the iPhone, they started spreading like wildfire. Soon, just about everyone was using them to make their texts and emails more expressive and cheerful. They’re like the colon-and-parentheses smiley face we all know and love, only taken to the next level. And yes, there’s a smiley face emoji, but there are also pictograms for just about everything under the sun, from ramen noodles to kittens, beer to… you guessed it: coffee emoji, too!

Share Coffee With Your Friends

It’s always nice to sit down with a friend and enjoy a cup of coffee, but sometimes that’s just not possible. Some of your favorite people live far away, and you can’t turn your work break room into a hangout spot for all of your buddies. What’s the next-best thing? The coffee emoji, of course! Send it to the people you love to let them know that you hope they’re enjoying their morning cup of java just as much as you are, and that you wish you could be sipping a hot cup of coffee together.

Coffee Is Universal

Linguistic purists may dismiss emoji as a silly trend, but other scholarly types are fascinated by emoji as a phenomenon. After all, they’re sort of like a universal language. It makes perfect sense that there would be a coffee emoji, because coffee is a universal drink! People all over the world love coffee. Now, you can share your java joy in any language! Doing business abroad? You don’t need to consult your translation book to invite your foreign counterparts to coffee. Just send them a coffee emoji! And there’s no need to worry about them getting the message. The coffee emoji works on just about any operating system, from Android to Windows, Linux to Mac OS.

Share the Coffee Love

We love coffee, and we think the coffee emoji is super-cute. Care for a cup of coffee? Here you go! coffee-emoji Don’t worry. There’s plenty of real coffee where that came from.

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