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Wake Up with a Fresh Cup of Eight O’Clock Coffee: Now in 24ct K-Cups

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The deliciously rich Eight O’Clock Coffee brand has been providing a quality roast to Americans for the past century and a half. Acknowledged as one of one of America’s greatest java brands, Eight O’Clock is revered as a titan in the coffee industry. With its 150 year long history, this brand is certain to deliver the same consistent high-caliber product to its customers to meet and exceed your expectations. This excellent brew is now offered at Coffee For Less as a tasty beverage for your enjoyment, one cup at a time.eight-oclock-kcups Many customers like the great taste this familiar coffee blend provides. Eight O’clock K-cups are able to strike the perfect balance between its sweet tang and the hardy coffee notes. The coffee tends to be non-acidic, and doesn’t leave behind the bitter taste that other breakfast coffee blends have. As the coffee is brewed, the beans release an aromatic coffee scent in the air for everyone to smell and appreciate. The coffee taste itself is complex and layered, and its light floral sweetness gives added character and a deep heaviness to the cup. Anyone who tries a cup will taste the full and attractive mouth body taste, and the hints of roasted mustiness.

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Perfect as a morning wake me up or as an evening warm me up, Eight O’Clock K-cups is just right for all occasions. The flavor is great for warming up the belly in the winter, and refreshing in the warmer months for fuel to jumpstart your day. Taste an original cup of Eight O’Clock K-cups. It doesn’t leave a translucent film in the cup, and has a pleasant taste that isn’t too overwhelming to the taste buds. With slight hints of citrus, equally clean and crisp, try the mouth-watering taste of Eight O’Clock Hazelnut K-cups for a mild and nutty taste. The Dark Roast Coffee is made entirely from dark roast Arabica coffee with heavy espresso notes and infused with its caramel flavor. The blend is perfect to use in your kitchen as a cappuccino or a latte beverage. Eight O’Clock has a Colombian Medium Roast that stands out with its full body and rich medium roast flavor. Try each flavor in a K-cup, engineered exactly for a great cup each and every time. Each cup allows you to enjoy a quality cup, proven over time for its freshness and delightful commitment to coffee.

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