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Your Go-To Guide for Solving Keurig Brewing Problems
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Your Go-To Guide for Solving Keurig Brewing Problems

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As humans, we are creatures of habit. We develop behaviors that we perform on a daily basis without even realizing it – reaching for your phone, turning off lights, checking the clock for the time, or hitting the brew switch on your Keurig.

Brewing a cup of coffee from a Keurig is a daily habit for many, but what happens when your Keurig will not brew? Keurig brewing problems can make for a rough morning, but you can easily avoid these problems by learning what to do when your Keurig will not brew, using our advice below.

Fighting Debris Build Up

One of the most common reasons a Keurig will not brew is the result of debris or other build-up clogging the line. To fix this problem, descale your Keurig by running the machine with water, minus a K-Cup Pod. To be thorough, repeat twice to flush out any residual debris. Another tip for clearing the line: use the tip of a paper clip to poke any coffee lingering grounds out of the dispensing line.

Keeping Things in Place

Looking for another reason why your Keurig will not brew? It is easy for pieces of the machine to be slightly out of place, especially after you’ve descaled or cleaned it. To address these kinds of Keurig brewing problems, check to make sure your Keurig is properly reassembled.

Often, it is the magnetic water reservoir that has shifted. To fix the issue, lift the reservoir, put it back in place, and your Keurig should resume operating properly.

Insufficient Warm-Up Time

You may also experience Keurig brewing problems due to a lack of sufficient warm-up time. In order for your Keurig to operate smoothly, it is essential that the water reaches a high enough temperature. If your water isn’t hot enough, the entire brewing process will experience failure, leaving you without coffee.

Air Bubbles

Sometimes a Keurig will not brew coffee if there are air bubbles trapped in the machine. To fix this problem, turn the machine off, fill the water reservoir, and attempt to jiggle the machine to help free any trapped air.

Resolving Keurig Problems

Sometimes, even the best hacks don’t result in a fix for a Keurig not brewing. The best way to solve Keurig brewing problems is to commit to preventive maintenance. Descale your machine three to four times a year, and always clean your Keurig to prevent other issues.

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  • Machine is not piercing the pod.

  • My machine says to prime it, how do I do this ?

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  • Helpful information.

    Fran Phillips

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