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What to Look For When You Buy K-Cups

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Buy K-Cups You Will LikeBuying K-Cups for the first time can be a surprising experience. The first thing you notice when you buy K-Cups is that the variety of K-Cups is nearly overwhelming. When you are more familiar with buying a pound of coffee and enjoying that until it is gone, the novelty of having myriad coffee options presented to you can be truly stupefying.

The first time you buy K-Cups, you might feel overwhelmed with the selection and be forced to contemplate new brands, unknown regional varieties, even roasts that you had never thought to buy before. At CoffeeForLess, we want to help you pursue the best coffee possible for you when you buy K-Cups. So today, we address those traits that will determine whether you are likely to love the K-Cups you buy.

We have assembled a chart describing the many varieties of K-Cup that is shown to the right. A larger version of the K-Cup Variety Chart can be found here.


Buy K-Cups You Will Definitely Like

With so many K-Cups to choose from, you may be asking yourself how you will ever choose which K-Cups to buy, but buying K-Cups is just like buying any other kind of coffee. Below, we will assess those qualities that determine a coffee K-Cup’s character so that you can buy K-Cups secure in the knowledge that you have chosen wisely.


Selecting a K-Cup is like selecting any coffee. The region in which the coffee was grown directly impacts the flavor of the coffee itself. For instance, Hawaiian coffee is known for being smooth while African coffees are known to be more floral and spicy. Choose a coffee variety that will match your tastes.


The way in which a coffee is roasted is certain to influence its flavor, and this is true when you buy K-Cups as well. A light roast coffee will have more fruit, floral, and citric notes in general while a dark roast will have roasty, caramelized, and sweet tastes. A medium roast can fall anywhere between based on the origin of the coffee itself. Choose a K-Cup coffee that is roasted to your preferences.


Boldness is an odd term, and many K-Cups pride themselves on being extra-bold. You can think of Boldness as intensity or strength.  A K-Cup that prides itself on boldness is going to be strong-tasting, often a dark roast. If you like strong coffee flavor, buy K-Cups that declare themselves to be bold.


When you buy K-Cups, you will find that the flavored coffee options are phenomenal. Flavored coffee and K-Cups are a natural pairing because you can enjoy a single cup of flavored coffee with Keurig technology. This means that you don’t need to commit to an entire pot of flavored coffee. Buy K-Cup flavors that you think you will like and you are certain to enjoy your coffee.

As with all coffee, buying K-Cups is all about preference and taste. You may have to experiment a bit to find the K-Cups that are your favorite, but this will be a truly rewarding experience that is likely to expand your coffee preference horizons.

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