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Yummy Coffee Creamer Pairings for Every Meal
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Yummy Coffee Creamer Pairings for Every Meal

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There’s a Perfect Coffee Style to Go with All Your Meals

There’s really never a bad time to enjoy a cup of coffee. For many people, that first cup of the day is just the beginning. Enjoying a cup of coffee with your meal helps with digestion in addition to being a lovely routine to help transition from meal time back to the other tasks of your day.

Many people enjoy a cup of black coffee after a big meal, but others appreciate a little bit of creamer to help soften the coffee’s acidity.

Just as people love to pair the perfect wine with every type of meal, you can also pair the perfect coffee creamer with every type of meal.

If you enjoy multiple cups of coffee every day, you may get a little bored of using the same flavored creamer over and over again. Luckily, you don’t need to use the same type of creamer for every cup of coffee you enjoy. In fact, there are hundreds of different flavors you can try in your coffee to compliment your meal, no matter the flavor or style of cooking. Read on for a list of yummy coffee creamer pairings to compliment every type of meal.

Breakfast Blend Coffee with breakfast

Breakfast With Coffee

If you enjoy a sweet breakfast—anything like pastries, pancakes or waffles, yogurt, oatmeal with fruit toppings, or toast with jam—you’ll want to use a mild creamer for your coffee. A super sweet creamer would overpower the yummy flavor of whatever sweet delight you choose to nosh on for your first meal of the day. Something simple and mellow, like plain half-and-half, pairs beautifully with a sweet breakfast.

If you’re the kind of person who prefers a savory breakfast—think eggs and bacon, an everything bagel, or an omelet—your meal will instead be complemented by pairing a sweet creamer with your coffee. Next time you enjoy a savory breakfast, try using a splash of caramel creamer or hazelnut creamer in your coffee.

Coffee pairings with lunch

Coffee Pairings to Go With Lunch

For many coffee drinkers, the after-lunch cup of coffee represents a crucial caffeine fix, necessary for getting through the sleepy hours of the mid- to late-afternoon. Since you’re probably going for that lunchtime coffee for the caffeine jolt, it’s important that the coffee creamer you use for this coffee doesn’t have too much sugar—remember, you don’t want to risk a sugar crash while you get your caffeine fix.

Because of this, it’s wise to go for a coffee creamer that will awaken your senses, like cinnamon spice, pumpkin spice, or cinnamon vanilla. The added warmth will get you energized for the afternoon, whatever it is you may be up to.

Coffee creamer pairings with dinner

Dinner and Coffee: A Match Made in Heaven

Depending on your evening meal plans, you may be apt to take a coffee with your dinner, instead of waiting until you’re done eating. A sweet coffee creamer, like vanilla or caramel, pairs well with hors d'oeuvres like cheese and crackers. Hard cheeses like gouda and aged cheddar pair well with the complex flavor of coffee, and a sweet yet mild coffee creamer will only enrich the combination.

Further, you can pair spicy dishes with nutty-flavored creamers, like hazelnut. A rich, spiced, and flavorful dish like chicken with peanut sauce pairs deliciously with hazelnut coffee creamer, as the nutty components of the coffee complement that of the meal. The cream of the coffee will also help relieve your taste buds if the spice is a bit too intense.

Dessert and coffee pairings

Dessert Was Made for Coffee!

When it comes to dessert, you can take the liberty to pair sweet food with a sweet coffee creamer, or opt to taste the rich flavors of black coffee or espresso, all on its own. If sweet sounds tempting to you, know that vanilla creamer pairs luxuriously well with chocolate cake, as the soft and sweet vanilla tones down the rich chocolate of the cake.

For a dessert that incorporates caramel or butterscotch, go for a mild sweet cream style of creamer that’s blissfully sweet, but won’t overpower the burnt sugar goodness of your dessert. For fruity desserts like a pie or tart, choose a salted caramel creamer that will help to add complexity to the relatively simple flavor combination of fruit with coffee.

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