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Braun Tassimo Discs

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Braun Tassimo Discs make coffee in a minute. These discs can contain coffee, tea, or hot chocolate that is ready to be consumed after being run through the machine. Tassimo products include coffee from:

  • Maxwell House
  • Mastro Lorenzo
  • Starbucks
  • Gevalia
  • Seattle's Best

Braun Tassimo pods also come in hot chocolate and tea varieties.


Braun Tassimo Discs: Coffee in About a Minute

One-cup coffee makers like those made by Tassimo and Keurig are designed to be easier and safer than percolator machines. Start by choosing and loading a coffee pod into the machine, then fill the water tank. The tank should be filled with lukewarm or cold water in order to eliminate any burning risk from large quantities of hot water.

Once those steps have been completed, just hit the start button. The water will get sucked up into the machine and mixed with the coffee pod. In about a minute, the machine will stop brewing and the coffee will be ready to drink.

Be sure to use the right kind of coffee pod with your one-cup machine. Coffee pods from Keurig, Tassimo, and other companies are not interchangeable, and using a different disc could damage the machine. Some people who use coffee pods have devised a way to make them that can be helpful to people who use different coffee machines in a day.

Visit the CoffeeForLess website to learn more and purchase Tassimo products. This online retailer specializes in coffee sales and has a wide variety of such Tassimo products as T-Discs and Tassimo coffee machines.