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Careers in Coffee: A Java Junkie's Dream

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For those in love with all things coffee, from the culture to the savory taste, to the perfection of the single serve brew offered by K-Cups there are fewer things that seem that they could be a more perfect than a career in the coffee industry.

Many may think, “A coffee career? Really, is there such a thing? The answer is YES! Here are some of the hottest careers in coffee that any java junkie should explore!

Starting a Coffee Blog
For those with a love of words and a love of coffee, few things are a better fit than starting a coffee blog. You can bring all your ideas and thoughts on the coffee culture to the masses with your very own blog. While it may be difficult to do this as a full-time job, it is a great way to make a bit of extra income doing something you love. Once you build up your readership you can look into selling ad space for coffee related sites and you can make some income this way. You can also write coffee and product reviews about K-Cups of other coffee innovations in order to bring in further readers.

Becoming a Contributing Writer for a Coffee Connoisseur Publication
There are many opportunities for those who would like to contribute to coffee publications and would like to see their name in the byline. You can start by first seeing what publications are out there and then looking into the publishing guidelines including word count, price per word and how to submit an article. Become familiar with the publication and the types of articles they publish and then narrow it down to the ones you are most interested in. Do they mainly focus on product reviews? Do they accept personal stories? Do they focus on many types of coffee or newer innovations like k-cups? Give it a shot, you never know when you may be able to get that first byline under your belt!

Opening a Coffee House
Not for the fair-weather coffee lover, starting your own coffee shop is a viable way to do what you love while making an income. Of course, this will be a large investment so it is wise to take it slow. Start by submersing yourself in the coffee industry by attending tradeshows, reading books and even first working at a coffee shop so that you can see what it is all about and gain valuable ideas for what can make your own coffee shop stand out from the rest. There are even schools which have courses for those interested in starting their own coffee businesses that can be very beneficial. You should also consider which products you would like to carry. What brands do you want to feature? Would you like to have regular drip coffees in addition to the convenience of the single serve coffee brewing k-cups? Once you have developed a solid plan for where, when and what you would like to carry in your shop, you are ready to start putting the pieces together. Just remember, like any business, it may be difficult to make a sizeable income on the beginning but profits will come with time. Make sure you are financially prepared for the strain of the first year.

These are just a few of the many careers available in the coffee industry. Whether you are looking to become an entrepreneur of would simply like to be employed by one, there are many awesome coffee jobs ranging from k-cup taster to coffee shop owner. Do your research and follow the path that you felt most drawn to.