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Many new One Cup Coffee Makers are available on the market, and they use “pods,” “discs,” or even “cups” that have been designed to fit their respective machines. We here at CoffeeForLess are here to dispel the confusion and to clarify which coffee pod fits your machine best.

Melitta One – Melitta One has come out with “Universal Pods” which will fit all single serve machines with the exception of their tea pods. Those will only fit in the Melitta One:One

Bunn, Senseo, Black and Decker, Simple Human, Grindmaster –  All pods will fit in these machines.

CoffeeForLess carries all of these pods, and they can be found by clicking on the “Pods” tab on the top of our page. A list of all pods and their weights are as follows:

Wolfgang Puck: 8 grams
Green Mountain: 10-10.3 grams
Senseo: 7 grams
Folgers: 9 grams
Millstone: 9 grams
Emeril's: 9 grams
Melitta Universal: 9 grams - Kosher
Timothy's: 10 grams - Kosher

We also have a variety of Keurig Machines, as well as the new Lavazza Blue Single cup machines. Each of these machines has specially designed “cups” that fit them.

K-Cups fit the following Keurig Machines: B40, B50, B60, B70, B100, and B200, all of which can be purchased at CoffeeForLess or special ordered for you. (To locate all of our K-Cups and Keurig Machine, just click on the “K-Cups” tab on the top of the page.)

K-Cups (All K-cups are sold in boxes of 24, 25, 96, or 100 counts only):

Green Mountain - Kosher
Gloria Jeans - Kosher
Timothy’s - Kosher
Coffee People - Kosher
Tully’s - Kosher
Diedrich - Kosher
Timothy’s Tea
Gloria Jean’s Tea
Celestial Seasonings Tea
Green Mountain Hot Chocolate
Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate – Packets specifically designed for Keurig Machines

CoffeeForLess is also proud to announce our newest single serve coffee and espresso machine. The Lavazza Blue, LB 1010 and LB2010. This machine has its own cups designed to fit the Lavazza machine, but they have a large variety of hot beverages that you can use with this machine, ranging from espresso, coffee, consume, hot chocolate, tea, decaf varieties, or even warm milk. (The Lavazza Blue and cups can be located by clicking on the “Espresso Machines” tab on the top of the page.)