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Fiji Water

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FIJI Water is a brand of bottled water that is bottled in the Fiji Islands. The water comes from an artesian well in the Yaqara Range of the Nakauvadra Mountains. It is available in .33 litre, .5 litre, and 1 litre bottles.

FIJI Company was formed in 1996 and the first bottles were shipped to the United States in late 1997. FIJI Water later became available at more retail locations throughout North America, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, much of the Caribbean, and Mexico.

Paramount Citrus is the parent company of FIJI Water. The company behind FIJI Water claims that it is purified by trade winds as it travels across the Pacific Ocean towards the islands of FIJI. Specifically the water is drawn from an artesian aquifer located in the valley of Viti Levu, confined by volcanic rock from external influence. The company claims that in the case of FIJI Water, location is key, and because of the islands’ remote displacement from other land masses, water from Fiji is protected from pollutants and other negative artificial contaminants.


Fiji Water Quality

FIJI Water is sealed in the aquifer and, according to the company, the bottling process is specifically designed to prevent the water from coming into contact with people or even the air until the cap is opened by the consumer. This ensures a lack of stagnating bacterial content on the way from their artesian aquifer all the way to the consumer.

An artesian aquifer is a confined aquifer containing groundwater that will flow upwards out of a well without the need of pumping. An aquifer provides the water for an artesian well. An aquifer is a layer of soft rock like limestone or sandstone that absorbs water from an inlet path. Porous stone is crushed between impermeable rocks or clay. This keeps the pressure high, so that when the water finds a hole, it defies gravity and travels uphill.

FIJI Water travels from deep within the Earth to you. Imagine that.