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Folgers Coffee has been "the best part of waking up" for more than 40 years. This popular brand has focused on the quality of its mountain-grown beans and carefully researched blends to ensure a great cup of joe every time.


Folgers Coffee: Traditional and Gourmet Lines

Folgers customers can make their favorite cup of coffee anywhere that has a little hot water. The company offers pre-ground and instant coffees, both of which come in several flavors.

Folgers standard ground products have not gone through the reformulation process that other companies have mistakenly done. The company's classic roast comes in four varieties that regular coffee drinkers recognize as the taste of Folgers. Folgers also recently introduced a gourmet line with sweeter flavors like vanilla biscotti and surprising ones like Lively Columbian. Other gourmet flavor options include:

  • Creme Brulee
  • Caramel Drizzle
  • Hazlenut Creme
  • Chocolate Truffle

These products were created in order for Folgers to compete with Starbucks in the at-home market.

Unlike most other coffee roasters, Folgers offers a cappuccino line along with its regular brews. The cafe drinks can be made by putting the mix into a cup and adding hot water. Popular flavors include French vanilla and mocha chocolate.

CoffeeForLess specializes in tea, coffee, and accessories. The company also has the latest in coffee-making trends, such as Tassimo T discs that are single-serving containers capable of reducing brewing time to a minute. Folgers offers an alternative to the Tassimo T Discs called Folgers Home Café Coffee Pods that you can order at the CoffeeForLess website.