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The culture of ground coffee came to the Americas in the 1660s. Soon after, coffee houses started to pop up in such major cities as Boston and New York City. A love of the beverage began to grow among the American people, and U.S.-based coffeemakers like Bucks County Coffee Co. and Tassimo have kept that passion strong with their product lines.


Ground Coffee Today

Although the beverage has been prepared in many ways for many decades, the most common way to make ground coffee in developed countries is by brewing it using a machine.

Bucks County Coffee Co. is just one American company selling ground coffee and beans by the pound. The Pennsylvania-based company has expanded its line from its house blend and French roast to specialty roasts like Guatemalan Antigua and Costa Rica Dulce. Bucks County Coffee Co. has more than fifteen flavors in one pound bags, providing enough variety to please any palate.

A good cup of coffee does not need to be made with a typical percolator. Tassimo is one company that has debuted a Tassimo pod coffee machine that uses coffee pods. Tassimo's pods, known as T Discs, have a measured amount of grounds in them to ensure a perfect cup. Coffee drinkers just load a T Disc, make sure they have enough water in the reservoir, and hit the button that brews their correct size coffee.

CoffeeForLess offers a wide selection of fine ground coffees such as those made by Bucks County Coffee Co., as well as coffee pods and Tassimo's T Discs.