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Hidden Springs Water

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Hidden Springs water comes from a fresh water spring in Vermont's Green Mountains. Spring waters come from rainfall or snow melt that leak into the ground and pool together in an aquifer. The spring may not bubble all year long, but it always contains fresh water. Fresh water springs are sometimes referred to as mineral springs because of their mineral content.


Hidden Springs, Poland Springs and Evian: Fresh Bottled Water

Hidden Springs water is a lesser known brand of spring water in the United States. The California-based company sells most of its product in stores, and some of its product through online retailers like CoffeeForLess.

Poland Springs water is a popular type of bottled water from Maine. The company does not get all of its water from Poland Spring however. It also collects water from:

  • Clear Spring
  • Evergreen Spring
  • White Cedar Spring
  • Garden Spring
  • Spruce Spring

Poland Springs water is sold in bottles of 8, 12 and 20 ounces. The company also sells the water in five-gallon bottles for office water dispensers.

Evian water is a brand that is popular worldwide. The company bottles its water from the Source Cachet, a source that starts in the Vizier Plateau and is collected from the French and Swiss Alps. The water is so pure because it is filtered by glacial sand  that prevents it from mixing with contaminants.

CoffeeForLess is an online retailer that specializes in beverage sales. Visit the company's website to purchase Hidden Springs water, Poland Springs water or Evian water.