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How an Online Coffee Service Can Save You Money

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Coffee is enjoyed globally and is widely accepted as one of the most popular beverages. Just in the United States alone, 400 million cups are consumed daily, while in Europe espressos are immensely popular and around 14 billion cups per year are consumed in Italy alone. If you consider that these are only the statistics of only 2 countries, the worldwide amount of coffee consumed is a staggering amount. Office workers are no exception when it comes to loving coffee, and individuals from all walks of life enjoy a coffee break. Cups and mugs of this heavenly brew provide workers across the globe with the necessary boost and refreshing taste to get their morning off on the right foot.

In today’s world of cell phones, email, text messaging and instant messaging, workers have become accustomed to working through many distractions. In modern day offices, most positions involve a great deal of muli-tasking. To reduce stress, and encourage companies workers to focus on their jobs, many offices have gone out of their way to bring in specific services that make workers’ lives more pleasant.

A coffee service is one of these services which offices have leveraged in order to improve the work environment. Workers who frequently consume coffee and tea no longer have to worry about getting coffee throughout the day. Many office coffee services also offer water service and food service as well. Workers can rest assured that these services will be available to them on a daily basis.

Online Coffee Services Can Save your Business Money

Companies that supply tea or coffee to their staff members or clients are generally unaware of the hidden costs involved in the process. These costs include the time and money spent to shop for supplies as well as the time it takes for your accountant to record the yearly expenses. Businesses that do not have a coffee service or even a break room have to contend with staff members leaving the office to go to the nearest coffee shop for their favorite cup of coffee.

This often leads to a loss of productivity and a backlog of work. Making use of an efficient and reliable coffee service provider will put an end to all unnecessary expenses and time wasting activities. Staff members would no longer need to leave the premises for coffee. Aside from all of these advantages, coffee vendors offer a variety of quality coffees and teas to choose from as well as a range of bottled waters, sodas, snacks, and sandwiches.

Management and staff members can now enjoy their coffee at their desks while continuing with the job at hand. Freshly brewed coffee has an aromatic scent that will revive any soul that is about to die of boredom or fatigue, especially so if the coffee is supplied by the employer free of charge! In many cases, a happy worker is a productive worker and if it takes a delicious cup of coffee to do the trick then an online coffee service provider is a great solution.

Service Offered by Coffee Vendors

Many coffee vendors provide coffee machines free of charge. The company only has to order a certain amount of services from the vendor to be granted this free service. The vendor then undertakes the effort of stocking all the requirements needed for the beverage service. Faulty equipment is immediately replaced or repaired. Many office coffee services have 24 hour service available to troubleshoot any problems that may arise and non-scheduled deliveries if the office in question suddenly runs out of a particular item.

Water filters are also changed on a regular basis and machine temperature checked. Coffee service providers often offer a free service trial, and if your experience is not to your satisfaction, you plan might be canceled without any obligatory charges.

Ordering online is quick, easy and efficient. One of the first requirements of the company is to open an account with the service provider. An account or customer number is required each time an order is placed. Order forms will ask for the company’s name, manager’s name, e-mail address, and street address of the company. The customer number must also be provided.

The order form provides lists of all the available coffees and quantities that can be ordered. The orders can be in single cup, box, or case quantities. The vast selection of teas and iced teas can also be ordered in boxed quantities. Cocoas, which include a wide variety of hot chocolate flavors, are in boxed quantities as well. Sugar, creamer cups, and lids will also be found on the list. Delivery options are made available as well. Order confirmation is usually done by phone.