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Most people's first taste of Lacas Coffee happens away from home. The company usually only sells its products wholesale to restaurants and hotels in order to entice customers to return for another taste of its brew.


Lacas Coffee, Tully's Coffee, and New York Coffee

Lacas Coffee uses imported Arabica beans. The company is run by the third generation of "cuppers" and roasters who have developed a special style of roasting to create the perfect Lacas cup of coffee. Lacas Coffee offers a variety of original blends, espressos, and flavored coffee.

Tully's Coffee is a quality product that is not widely available either. The company only sells its rich, full city roasts online. The company's roasters keep a sharp eye on the beans, removing those that will add a sour or grassy taste to the brew. The beans are roasted in small batches in two antique cast-iron roasters that evenly cook the beans, creating the best flavor possible.

New York Coffee is a brand new ground coffee product developed several years ago. The company has a large variety of products that include more than 60 types of whole and ground beans. New York Coffee sells its beans and ground coffee in economical larger bags. However, its products are only available at CoffeeForLess.

CoffeeForLess is an online retailer that sells a wide variety of coffee and coffee accessories. The company's website sells many specialty coffees, including those from Lacas Coffee, Tully's Coffee, and New York Coffee.