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Millstone Coffee Beans

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Like many coffee companies, Millstone gets its coffee beans from afar. The company imports its arabica beans from Indonesia, Hawaii, Central America, South America, Africa, and the Caribbean.


Processing Millstone Coffee Beans

Millstone takes great pride in preparing its coffee beans. Millstone coffee beans start at the center of a bright red fruit. Once the fruit is ripe, it is put into a pulping machine to strip the coffee beans out of the center. The Millstone coffee beans are then dried using a machine or spread out onto clay patios.

Once they are dry, Millstone coffee beans are polished, milled, ground and sorted so that the company's beans are of the highest quality. They are then sent to Millstone's U.S. plant where they are roasted and milled.

Hawaiian Kona also takes good care of its Arabica coffee beans. Hawaiian Kona coffee beans are grown in a 30-mile section of Hawaii containing a strip of nutrient-rich volcanic soil. The coffee beans are picked and then roasted in a full city style. Roasters listen for two cracks while the beans are roasting, which indicates that the Hawaiian Kona coffee beans are finished roasting.

Tully's coffee beans also have a full city roast. This roast eliminates any sour or grassy elements in the beans that come from countries all over Africa and South America.

Coffee For Less is an online retailer that sells a wide variety of coffee beans from companies like Millstone, Hawaiian Kona, and Tully's.