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New York Coffee Beans

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Newer companies like New York Coffee are tight-lipped about their formulas. The New York Coffee company was founded in 2005 and focuses instead on getting its products in the coffee cups of customers.


From New York Coffee to Hawaiian Kona and Millstone

Longtime roasters like Hawaiian Kona talk a lot more about their process than new roasters like New York Coffee. Hawaiian Kona coffee beans are only grown in a 30-mile section of Big Island. The company's Arabica coffee beans are grown in fertile volcanic soil.

Hawaiian Kona coffee beans undergo a full city roast, which means that they are roasted deeply to remove sour or grassy characteristics from the coffee. The process gives the coffee maximum body without burning out the special characteristics of the bean. The result is a well-balanced but strong flavor.

Millstone coffee beans go through a similar process. After they are harvested, Millstone coffee beans are milled, polished, graded, and sorted. These beans come from plantations in South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Indonesia, Africa and Hawaii, where the trees are an average of 10 years old. The beans are then sent to Millstone's U.S. plant, where they are roasted until they secrete coffee oil. The beans are tasted several times and checked for quality before they are ground into ready-to-make coffee.

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