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Poland Springs Water

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Poland Springs bottled spring water comes from the source in its title. The Maine-based company derives its water from different sources in the state, including White Cedar Spring, Clear Spring, Poland Spring, Evergreen Spring, Garden Spring, and Spruce Spring.


Poland Springs Water Is Bottled from Natural Springs

Spring water can come from rainfall or snow melt that penetrates the ground and collects in an aquifer. The spring may be intermittent or perennial, but it always contains fresh water. One type of spring called a karst spring cannot be used for bottling without purification since these springs comes from a higher altitude and therefore go through less filtering than other springs.

Poland Springs was originally thought of as cure-all in the late 19th century. A man named Hiram Ricker reportedly was cured of chronic dyspepsia by drinking the water from the spring at the Mansion House, his grandfather's inn. Eventually the inn became a resort, and people would "take the waters" to cure their illnesses. Eventually the family started making bottled water and selling it, and today Poland Springs is sold all across America.

Hidden Springs water also comes from a natural source, although there have been no claims of illnesses healed with the drink. Hidden Springs water comes from the Green Mountain, where bottlers funnel their water from a Vermont stream.

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