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As one of the most internationally known coffee companies, Starbucks is a company that others admire. Starbucks' experience with creating blends, selling them and creating a coffee culture is a model other companies have tried to modify for their own brands.

Starbucks: Coffee at Home and on the Go

Starbucks helped its image become ubiquitous by selling its brews in its cafes along with its ground coffees. Starbucks sells its best blends in one-pound and single-serve bags at its stores and online, ensuring customers can always order a cup or a pot of coffee no matter where they are.

Other companies, such as Lacas Coffee, keep their customers coming back for more by only selling their blends to cafes and hotels. Customers cannot experience its imported Arabica beans outside of these establishments, except by buying it direct from suppliers like Coffee For Less.

Folgers is everywhere. From hotels to homes, the brand's quality brews can be paired with a restaurant meal or made quickly during a coffee break at work. The company tends to sell its products in bulk, ensuring that customers will have plenty of pots on hand for clients or guests.

No matter where a customers enjoy their coffee, these companies ensure their cups are the best brews possible. All three companies have the experience needed to create consistently good cups of joe for their customers.

Coffee For Less sells many types of coffee from Starbucks, Folgers and Lacas at its website.