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Tassimo specializes in one-cup coffee making. The company's machines take T Discs that are little plastic discs containing different kinds of coffee. Tassimo products include T Discs from Gevalia, Twinings, Starbucks, and Suchard.


Tassimo Products: Ways to Prepare the First Cup

Tassimo is just one company that specializes in one-cup brews. These machines accept coffee pods that resemble the plastic T Discs found in Tassimo products or pods of coffee that resemble round teabags. To make coffee with a machine like this, load the pod, add water to the tank, and simply hit the start button. You will have fresh hot coffee in about one minute from your Tassimo coffee maker.

Keurig also makes coffee pods called K-Cups. These pods come in boxes of 25 or cases of 100. The company sells K-Cups from coffee companies such as:


Keurig also sells K-Cups with tea from Celestial Seasonings and hot chocolate from Ghirardelli.

Although one-cup coffee machines are popular, many homes and offices still use percolators. These machines work best for people who have similar tastes in coffee because it is easier to make a large batch without waiting in line for the coffee machine. Newco coffee machines don't usually require plumbing work to install. These percolators have up to three hot surfaces for coffee pots, so that coffee drinkers can have a choice.

Coffee For Less sells Tassimo products and Keurig machines as well as such percolators as Newco coffee machines. Visit the company's website to see these products and a large selection of coffees and coffee gifts.