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TASSIMO Hot Beverage System

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TASSIMO offers a hot beverage system that will revolutionize your coffee drinking experience. These hot beverage systems have many benefits. They start at the touch of a button, brew in 30 seconds to 1 minute depending on the coffee, prepare another drink right away, customize their settings to fit your taste, have dishwasher safe parts, and fit most cups and mugs. What makes TASSIMO different is their T Discs that tell this hot beverage system precisely how to prepare your beverages.

With the TASSIMO hot beverage system, you will enjoy a cup of coffee exactly how you like it and you will think it was made by a barista. The process is so simple that all you have to do is insert the T Disc, select your size, and press the start button. With the TASSIMO hot beverage system, there is no mess, no grounds, and no waiting. This is the only machine that can make premium coffee, crema coffee, real milk cappuccino, lattes, espresso, hot chocolate, and tea.


TASSIMO Luxury, TASSIMO Features

The TASSIMO machine works exclusively with proprietary T DISCS only. These coffee pods contain precisely measured amounts of coffee, tea, chocolate, or concentrated milk. Once a user has inserted the pre-packaged T Disc, the TASSIMO machine reads the barcode embedded on the pod. The machine uses its internal programming to gather information on the size of the drink, the brewing time, and the precise temperature required to make your beverage.

To ensure the best cup of coffee, use fresh cold water instead of hot water to allow the flavors to unfold better. The TASSIMO machine offers a water container, clamp, brew mechanism (T-Disc holder, piercing unit, bar code reading window), adjustable cup stand, drip tray, backsplash, water expansion outlet, start/stop button, indicator lights (auto, manual, heating, standby), on/off switch, and cleaning disc. With the TASSIMO machine, the user can use most of their favorite cups and mugs.

As with other coffee machines, the TASSIMO beverage system requires maintenance. To ensure the best results in every cup of coffee, the user must regularly clean and descale the machine. A reusable cleaning disc is provided with every machine for cleaning and descaling purposes.