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Tassimo T Discs-Making a Cup of Coffee with Tassimo T Discs

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Tassimo T Discs come in a variety of flavors to give people a choice on their coffee break. The Tassimo company sells coffee from popular such specialty retailers as Starbucks and Gevalia, as well as products from such beloved companies as Seattle's Best, Maxwell House, Mastro Lorenzo, Nabob, Jacobs, Carte Noire and Kenco. In addition to coffee pods, Tassimo also sells T Discs for cappuccino, tea, hot chocolate, and cafe crema.


Making a Cup of Coffee with Tassimo T Discs

The Tassimo machine can make coffee in about a minute. Start by choosing a Braun Tassimo disc. Each Tassimo coffee pod holds the right amount of coffee to make one cup. Do not use coffee pods from other machines because this may damage your Tassimo coffee maker. Be sure to choose the right Tassimo T Disc the first time since the coffee pod may be damaged if you abort the brewing process.

After you insert the Braun Tassimo disc, the coffee machine will read a bar code printed on the label. It then calculates how much water, time, and heat it will need to ensure your coffee is ready to drink in a minute.

Once you fill the water tank and start the machine, it will begin to mix and brew your drink using the Braun Tassimo disc. The machine uses an inverse flow to ensure that your coffee is brewed properly.

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