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Tazo Organic Chai Tea 24ct Box Tazo Organic Chai Tea 24ct Box

Tazo Organic Chai Tea 24ct Box

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Tazo Organic Chai Tea 24ct box allow you to prepare 24 single cups of spiced chai tea when you make Tazo Tea a single tea bag at a time and enjoy authentic Tazo quality.


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Tazo Organic Chai Tea Bag tea brew a full-flavored and spicy cup of quality chai tea from every Tazo tea bag that you steep. Tazo Organic Chai Tea is a blend of dark Indian black teas and spices such as ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, star anise as natural sweeteners. Tazo Organic Chai Tea from Coffee For Less come in boxes of individually-wrapped tea bags, ensuring that they are fresh when you want to brew a cup of tea. Coffee For Less is your source for beverage service supply products for your home and office needs.
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