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Ghirardelli Description

Ghirardelli® Brand Cocoa uses premium cocoa beans to make some of the world's finest gourmet chocolate. Ghirardelli® brand cocoa makes top quality hot cocoa that allows you to savor hot chocolate one mug at a time. This instant hot chocolate takes advantage of your coffee maker or instant hot water maker's hot water feature to make a single cup of Ghirardelli® Brand Cocoa instant hot chocolate on demand. Ghirardelli® brand cocoa hot Chocolate may be a gourmet treat, but a cup of Ghirardelli® Brand Cocoa hot cocoa on a cold winter day can warm your spirits as much as it does your body. Ghirardelli® is a trademark of Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, registered in the United States and other countries. Ghirardelli ® brand cocoa and chocolates are not affiliated with brands, our products, or our website. They do not sponsor or endorse our products or materials.