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Ground Coffee Description

Delicious Coffee From the Best Available Grounds

There are several ways to make coffee: that most delicious of hot or cold beverages that manages to pick us up when we’re down, provide a little lift to the middle of the day, or smooth out the remaining wrinkles at the end of a great meal. You can pour hot water over ground coffee directly into a cup or carafe. You can let the machine do the pouring for you. You can percolate it under pressure on the stove top or in a free standing percolating machine. You can press coffee grounds into a fixture and force steam through it. You can add hot water to ground coffee in a pitcher and then press the grounds to the bottom with a strainer. You can add cold water to ground coffee and let it steep over night cold in your refrigerator. The list just seems to go on and on!

You can even take pre-measured, super convenient Keurig K-Cup® Coffee Pods, already sealed with the proper amount of ground coffee inside, insert them into your Keurig coffee maker and push a button. Here at, we’re big supporters of all the terrific uses for ground coffee. Make your coffee the way you want to, using your ground coffee in whatever established way you like. Or go rogue and create a new way to brew coffee!

The method isn’t as important as the result: a terrific cup of hot or cold coffee brewed specifically to suit your needs. Here at Coffee For Less, we are out to save you money on coffee by providing it directly to you from the world’s best coffee companies and roasters.

A World of Ground Coffee

At Coffee For Less, we stock ground coffee from the world’s foremost roasters and coffee companies. Whether you are looking for ground coffee from a single origin or a blend, looking for a dark roast, a light roast, or something inbetween, looking for a flavored coffee, or a decaf coffee, even a light acid brew, we have you covered. We carry ground coffee from super well recognized coffee brands like Starbucks, Cafe Bustello, Lavazza, Gevalia, Caribou Coffee, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Dunkin Donuts, Eight O’Clock Coffee, and others.

We also stock ground coffees from new and emerging coffee brands like Brooklyn Bean Roastery, Coffee People, Timothy’s World Coffee, and many, many more. We even have ground coffee from household brands like Yuban, Folgers, Maxwell House, and Nescafe. We have ground coffee from every major growing region in the world, roasted to every possible degree imaginable, and shipped directly to you to brew in the manner of your choosing.

At Coffee For Less, we want you to enjoy all the terrific ground coffee you want for as little money as possible, getting it all shipped directly to your office, home, or wherever. So grab your French press, your stovetop espresso maker, your Melitta, your percolator, you Keurig K-Cup® brewer, or your drip coffee machine and brew to your heart’s content.