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Equal Sweetener Bulk 2000ct Equal Sweetener Bulk 2000ct

Equal Sweetener Bulk 2000ct

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Equal Sweetener Bulk 2000ct provides you with 2000 individually packaged servings of Equal, a no-calorie alternative to refined sugar.


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Equal is a no-calorie sweetener that makes a great alternative to refined sugar. Equal packets contain aspartame, an alternative sweetener that has been show to be safe for diabetic diets with restrictions on sugar consumption. This powerful sweetener has twice the sweetening power of sugar, meaning that a half a packet of Equal is as potent as a one teaspoon of refined sugar. Equal Sweetener Bulk 2000ct then has the sweetening potential of 4000 teaspoons of sugar. Stock your business with Equal Sweetener Packets with this great bulk quantity purchase option.
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