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Revv TURBOCHARGER Coffee K-cup Pods 24ct Revv TURBOCHARGER Coffee K-cup Pods 24ct

Revv TURBOCHARGER Coffee K-cup Pods 24ct

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The Revv TURBOCHARGER Coffee K-Cup Pods in a 24ct pack is an intense and robust dark roast coffee perfect for your Keurig K-Cup Brewer making cup after cup of complex, full-bodioed, and potent brew.

  • Dark roasted coffee.
  • Strong caffeine and flavor.
  • Richly complex flavor in a 24ct box.


If you’re looking for a little kick to get you going in the morning or whenever you need to get going, this is probably the best coffee you’re going to find. Rich, full bodied, dark roasted, inky almost, heavy and strong coffee, Revv TURBOCHARGER packs a serious wallop. And when you need a wallop, the fastest way to get a consistent delicious brew, is your Keurig K-Cup Pod brewer.

This twenty-four count mega box of Revv TURBOCHARGER, brews twenty-four delicious, strong, richly caffeinated cups of dark roast coffee. It’s perfect for the office, the library, the den, the kitchen, pretty much wherever you keep your Keurig K-Cup Brewer. Get a twenty-four count box of Revv TURBOCHARGER and satisfy your craving for bold, each and every time you have it.

Roast Profile: Dark Roast Roast Profile: Dark
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