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Saeco Burr Grinder MC2002 Saeco Burr Grinder MC2002

Saeco Burr Grinder MC2002

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The Saeco Burr Grinder MC2002 provides the utility that you expect from a quality grinder accessory for your coffee brewer by Saeco Espresso Machines.


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The Saeco Burr Grinder MC2002 is an extremely versatile yet rugged coffee grinder that features 30 adjustable settings. If you want full control of the grind from your home or office coffee grinder at a reasonable price, look no further. This Saeco Burr Grinder will grind your beans the way your like them, even fine enough for entirely authentic espresso brewing. When you buy your hot beverage or tea making devices from Coffee For Less, you get the reliable service and speedy shipping that you expect from Coffee For Less. Discount codes may not be applied to Hot Beverage Machines but will be applied to the remainder of your order.
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