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"Calling All Coffee Lovers" & More Vintage Coffee Ads

Throwback Thursday Volume 38

We're mad for this week's set of vintage coffee ads. We've got features from Chase & Sanborn Coffee, Edwards Coffee, Airway Coffee, and more. Our favorite? "Calling All Coffee Lovers" from Wear-Ever aluminum percolators. Can't get enough of those colors.

Feel free to comment on your favorites below. Get your mugs ready for another edition of Throwback Thursday, Vintage Coffee Ad Edition.


"Calling all COFFEE LOVERS / You get more flavor per pound with a Wear-Ever. That's because these coffee-makers are college-educated..."

Wear-Ever Aluminum Coffee Percolators, 1953

Source: Pinterest


"How to win word-of-mouth advertising"

Chase & Sanborn, 1962

Source: Pinterest


"New key to a man's heart"

Edwards Coffee, 1954

Source: Pinterest


"... today's look for today's cook"

Pyrex Coffee Maker, 1959

Source: Pinterest


"I Triple-Dare You to Compare Me!"

Airway Coffee, 1948

Source: Pinterest


"Class of 1966"

Butter-Nut Coffee, 1966

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