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Community Involvement follows in the tradition established by Jack and Linda Kirshner in their founding of Coffee Serv. Focusing on the coffee-drinking community is one thing, but any responsible entrepreneur knows that one must give back to the communities from which one derives one’s success. This notion is not lost on CoffeeForLess and its business practices.

CoffeeForLess supports the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation with regular donations in order to follow the leadership illustrated by Jack and Linda for decades. This research foundation has helped fund more than 1.5 billion dollars in research, and CoffeeForLess is proud to support the effort to cure juvenile diabetes. Their active involvement in this foundation is just one of many efforts made on the part of CoffeeForLess to succeed ethically.

CoffeeForLess employees are encouraged to take part in service and charity efforts in regions from which CoffeeForLess coffee is grown. As such, CoffeeForLess employees are actively involved in the Fabretto Children’s Foundation. This collective effort seeks to raise children in Nicaragua, a common coffee-growing region, out of poverty and provide them access to education and medicine. CoffeeForLess knows that giving back to the coffee community is not just offering great deals on coffee but about giving back to all levels of the coffee world. Children and farmers in some coffee-growing regions are impoverished by the industry, but CoffeeForLess seeks the most fair trade for coffee and supports the effort to raise everyone’s standard of living from the coffee farm to your coffee cup.

The CoffeeForLess investment in the future does not end there. Here in the United States, our children need help too. CoffeeForLess offers the Hit The Books Scholarship to promote education here in the United States. Students can apply for this scholarship by merely expressing their love for coffee and sharing that love with others on In this way, CoffeeForLess helps the next generation of scholars, entrepreneurs, and innovators find their voice and master their field of study.

Jack and Linda Kirshner set the standard with the efforts they made to have Coffee Serv be the sort of active member of its community that gives back as much as it gains from that community. CoffeeForLess, as the more retail and home coffee service oriented face of Coffee Serv, continues to live up to this example of community leadership at home and abroad.

CoffeeForLess donated a B-40 Keurig machine to Hadassah Women's Volunteer Organization, April 2011.FabrettoJuvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International