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Company Bios

Jack and Linda Kirshner

Jack and Linda Kirshner have had a finger on the pulse of coffee culture in the United States for decades. By founding their flagship coffee company Coffee Serv from their own apartment, they were able to innovate coffee service during the uptrend in coffee consumption during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Their idea that coffee should always be the memorable experience that it is at the finish of dinner at a fine restaurant in combination with their eye for innovation established them as a regional name in office and restaurant coffee service.

The spirit of entrepreneurship and innovative office coffee service that has always made Coffee Serv great gave rise to the, the online face of Coffee Serv. CoffeeForLess provides office and restaurant coffee to both traditional commercial clients and the home coffee drinker. By making quality restaurant and office coffee available at home, Jack and Linda Kirshner continue to live up to their goal of making every cup of coffee you brew a fine dining experience.