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Customer Q&A

Notice: Welcome to the New Coffee For Less! We're still updating this page, and some information may be outdated. Please reach out to customer service if you have any questions about the content here.

What is Customer Q&A?

Have you ever wanted to find out more about a product from someone who has actually tried it before you make your purchase? With our Customer Q&A feature you can do just that. On each product page, you will be given an option to ask a question. Your question will be sent to customers who have recently purchased the product, and they are give an option respond and share their own insights and experiences about the product. This way, you can make a more informed decision before you buy.

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How Do I Ask a Question?
  1. Navigate to the product you are interested in.
  2. Locate the Customer Q&A section of the page. You can jump straight to it by using the Ask a Questionlink above the Add to Cart button.
    Jump straight to the Customer Q&A section using the link above the Add to Cart button.
  3. Click Ask a Questionto begin.
    Click the “Ask a Question” button to start.
  4. Once you click on Ask a Question, you will be given some options for narrowing down the type of question you have. Choose the option that is appropriate.
    Select a question type next.
  5. A text box will appear once you have selected your question type. Write your question as plainly as possible. Note that, once approved, your question will be visible to other users. Once you have typed your question clearly, click on the Askbutton below the text box.
    Fill out the text box with a clear question, then click “Ask”.
  6. If you are not logged in to your account, you will now be asked to do so. Don’t have a CoffeeForLess account? No problem! Click the link below the form to sign up for free, or leave your question as a guest user by clicking close in the top-right corner.
    Choose to log in, sign up, or leave your question as a guest.
  7. When your question is submitted successfully you will see a pop-up box confirming such. At this point you are also given the option to post your question to Facebook or Twitter to share with your friends.
    Share your questions on Facebook and Twitter for better chances at getting 
					a quality answer from your peers.
  8. Your question will then appear on the product page for other customers to answer. Please note that all questions and answers are subject to moderation, and must be approved before other users can see them.

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How do I Answer a Question?

If you’ve found a question you would like to answer about a product you have purchased, you can quickly and easily submit a helpful reply for the asker. In order to provide a response, you must be logged in to your account.

  1. Navigate to the product you wish to leave an answer for.
  2. Locate the customer Question you wish respond to.
  3. Type your relevant, helpful answer in the text box below the question, and click the Submitbutton beneath it.
    Find the question you wish to reply to, enter your response, and click Submit.
  4. You will see a confirmation that your answer has been submitted. Please note that all questions and answers are subject to moderation, and must be approved before other users can see them.
    Once successfully submitted, your answer will appear below the question. Your reply is subject to moderation.

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Rating Questions & Answers

Did you come across a question you liked? Perhaps you were wondering the same thing yourself?

Or maybe you found an answer that you can back up from personal experience? Did someone clarify a detail you wanted to know before making a purchase?

The Question & Answer rating system allows you to either promote or demote questions and answers you feel deserve the rating. Questions that are rated more highly will appear further up on the page, while well-regarded answers will appear closer to the question they belong to.

To rate a question or answer, simply use the “Yes” or “No” links on the right side of the entry. You cannot rate an entry which you yourself posted.

You can rate a question or answer based on its quality in order to improve or reduce its 
			visibility to other users.
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