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 How to Google +1
  1. There are several places throughout our website where you can show your approval of’s pages.
  2. The most obvious location to leave a +1 is on your favorite products! Locate the items you love and simply click on that Google +1 icon!
    Google +1 your favorite products!

    Clicking the +1 icon will put your stamp of approval on your favorite products!

    The blue icon indicates that you have +1’d the product page.

    Once you have +1’d the page, the icon will turn blue, and hovering over it will show your approval.

  3. If you like our website overall, we suggest adding a +1 to our homepage. Use the Google +1 banner on the left.
    Google +1 the homepage to show you like our website overall.
  4. Find a particular category you shop often, and want to share it with others? +1 the category page in the left sidebar!
    Google +1 a category page to display your appreciation for our selection of home and office coffee products.
  5. Make sure that icon is blue to verify that you’ve +1’d the page.
    The blue Google +1 icon means you have already +1’d the page.
  6. Can’t find the +1 icon on a given page? No worries! We added a handy +1 icon in the footer of every page, so you can just scroll to the bottom and +1 any page. Try it now on this page!
    The +1 icon is in the footer of every page, in case you can’t find it elsewhere on the page.

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