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In Vermont Coffee Builds Community

In Vermont Coffee Builds Community

Home to the legendary Green Mountain range, Vermont is one of the jewels of New England. Founded in 1777 during the Revolutionary War, it’s one of only four states to have been a sovereign state in its past. It’s also the country’s leading producer of maple syrup and the 2nd least populated state, but what you may not know is Vermont is full of local coffee roasters who appreciate the bond coffee artisans can create with their community.

Start Your Own Coffee Company with the Vermont Coffee Company

The Vermont Coffee Company is a small business that has big love for friends and community. Their motto is “Coffee roasted for friends,” and they live by this philosophy every day by offering unique ways to connect with locals.

Known as “Start Your Own Coffee Farm”, the program offers people the chance to grow their own coffee plants. The company provides you with the seeds then later buys the beans you produce and roasts them. All the seeds come from a community of farms in the Dominican Republic, primarily from the Los Marrinitos, El Dulce, and Los Dajoas farms.

The company’s website is full of pictures that show the successes of local farmers. One picture boasts a beautiful bonsai coffee plant, which stands three feet high. Although the owners of Vermont Coffee are not horticulture professionals, they do provide you with links to resources that give detailed insight on how to grow a successful plant.

All local farmers are encouraged to document their growing experience with stories, photos, and videos, which are shared on the company website for everyone to see.

If this program sounds like fun, you can send two first class stamps to:

Vermont Coffee Company
c/o Coffee seeds, please
1197 Exchange Street, Suite 3
Middlebury, Vermont 05753

The beans will be sent directly to your home, and you can stay in touch with the company throughout the process. To help you get started, tips, links, and information on other successful growers will be provided to you.

So next time you’re up in Vermont, stop by the Vermont Coffee Company and meet one of the country’s friendliest coffee roasters. If you’re lucky, you’ll be in town during one of their free coffee tasting demos offered regularly throughout the state. For details, just jump on their website and find when and where their next event is taking place.