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Fall 2011: Joanne Marie Mantilla, University of Pennsylvania 

Congratulations to Joanne Marie Mantilla, winner of the Fall 2011 'Hit the Books' Scholarship!

Congratulations, Joanne!

Joanne wrote us a letter regarding her award:

Dear CoffeeForLess,

I am incredibly excited to be a recipient of this scholarship! Currently, I am pursuing a degree in Nursing and a minor in Nursing and Health Services Management at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA. As a busy, full-time and self-supporting student, I have many responsibilities. In addition to a full academic course load, I am heavily involved in many extra-curricular activities and have a work-study job to help pay for tuition and books. The financial support from this scholarship is not only exceedingly helpful in alleviating expenses for books, but will also enable me more time to focus on my studies and research.

Nursing is not just a profession - it is a real calling and a commitment, as my school’s slogan says, to “Care to Change the World.” As a specialty of healthcare that I am extremely passionate about, I hope to expound upon my nursing education in the future and get involved in the field of research – specifically health care reform. As a future nurse and leader, I understand that it is my responsibility to always advocate for the patient and his or her needs. With such a responsibility, I want to be sure that I am well educated and more than adequately prepared to do my job well. I intend to work very hard in my studies so I will be prepared to give back to the patients whom I encounter and the healthcare world with the compassion, aptitude, and critical thinking skills necessary to be successful. I realize that my hard work not only impacts myself, but my community as well.

To put it simply, I love nursing, and this scholarship will help support me in my current endeavors to enter the field of research. Research, especially in nursing, is imperative to improving upon the status of our ever-changing and evolving health care system today. I aspire to pursue research that supports the role of nurses as leaders in the health care world who can provide cost-effective care without sacrificing quality or the importance of the patient as a whole. I extend my appreciation to the customers of CoffeeForLess and would like them to know and rest assured that they have helped a passionate future leader to prepare herself for the challenges that lay ahead. I am very thankful for this scholarship, as not only will it provide financial support for my continuing education, but it has also inspired and motivated me to continue to work hard to pursue my goals.


Joanne Marie Mantilla

Congratulations, Joanne! For more information on how to apply to win the next Hit the Books Scholarship, visit the information page. The deadline for Spring 2012 applications is January 31st.